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Don't risk missing an issue -- have your copies mailed directly to you!

A six-issue subscription to AGE OF BRONZE is only $21.00

Your subscription will begin with the next issue published following receipt of your order.
Subscription copies are mailed flat inside two envelopes, one within the other, for protection during mailing.

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Note to Subscribers:
The final issue number of your subscription is
noted beneath your address on the envelope each issue arrives in.
If the issue number on the envelope matches the number of the issue inside,
then a renewal form will be enclosed.
You may renew by mail using the renewal form with
a check or money order, or you may renew online.

If you're on the following list,
at least one issue of your subscription has been returned
without a forwarding address.
Please send an e-mail with your updated address
so that you'll receive future issues you've paid for.
We do NOT store returned subscription issues,
but please contact us as soon as possible
so that we may either send you whatever subscription issues
that you've missed (if they're still in stock)
or reimburse you for unavailable issues.
Bradley, C.
Breitenbach, J.
Clune, J.
Cole, D.
Hoy, R. C.
Lane, F.
Nelson-Hoy, T.
Perry, W.
Roberts, E.
Smith, M.
Stipkovits, J.
Swanson, A.
Swift, S.
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