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The Illustrated Libretto &
Complete Vocal Score For the
1903 Musical Extravaganza

The Wizard of Oz

Music by Paul Tietjens
Book & Lyrics by by L. Frank Baum

Additional Lyrics by Vincent Bryan & Robert B. Smith

Introduction, Annotations, & Restoration
by David Maxine

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The premiere publication of the performing materials of the Broadway hit that made Oz a household word! The hilarious original libretto that brought down the house in 1903! The incredible score by Chicago composer Paul Tietjens! All the most popular musical interpolations from Sammy to Hurrah for Baffin's Bay.

Illustrated with over a hundred photographs and drawings showing behind the scenes details, comic antics, the "secrets" of Montgomery and Stone, and over a hundred pertinent quotes from contemporary reviews and news articles--all presented with extensive annotations by theatre historian David Maxine.

Plus! A full musical bibliography and discography!

The Wizard of Oz: Complete Vocal Score
ISBN: 1-929527-03-9
Price not yet determined

The publication
of this extraordinairy volume
has been delayed to allow some astounding recent
discoveries to be incorporated
into the body of the book.
This brief delay will
be well rewarded!

All of Paul Tietjens' light-classical score--from the stunning "Opening Pantomime" to the riotous "Traveler and the Pie"--has been beautifully reset for easy-on-the-eyes reading and playing. The long-lost Act III finale has also been restored from the composer's and librettist's surviving notes.

At last, one of the most legendary and influential hits of the 20th century Broadway stage can be examined for what it really was! A delightful, mile-a-minute, laugh filled song-fest all contained within L. Frank Baum's most famous story!

So join Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the Tinman as they journey to see the Wizard in the ORIGINAL Wizard of Oz!

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