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'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' CD Cover
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Compact Disc - ONLY $14.95

Total Running Time 73:21

1. Just a Touch of Humbug (Baum and Co.)
2. Gray (Dorothy)
3. Round and Around (Aunt Em, Uncle Henry & Co.)
4. Free! (Boq & Munchkins)
5. The Wizard Who Lives in Oz (Locasta & Munchkins)
6. Wicked is What I Do (Wicked Witch)
7. Rags and Hay (Scarecrow)
8. A Tin Man's Tale (Tin Woodman)
9. 'Fraid Not (Cowardly Lion)
10. Dream for Me (Scarecrow, Tin Woodman & Lion)
11. Further Along the Way (Four Friends)
12. Pull Together (Mouse Queen & Mice)
13. Finale Act I (Four Friends & Co.)
14. Emerald City (Royal Army & Co.)
15. Come Along with Me (Four Friends)
16. The Golden Cap/Fly! (Wicked Witch & Monkeys)
17. Nothing Special (Dorothy)
18. Wicked Waltz of the West (Wicked Witch)
19. Reprise-Just a Touch of Humbug (Wizard & Co.)
20. Reprise-Dream for Me (Glinda & Co.)

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz -- A New Musical
Original Workshop Cast Recording
Music & Lyrics by
James P. Doyle
Directed by Joe Cascone
Toronto Civic Light Opera Co.

Prepared around early workshop rehearsals of this new Oz musical, a talented non-professional cast of singing actors brings this Ozzy new score to life!

Co-produced by the Toronto Civic Light Opera Company and Hungry Tiger Music, only several hundred copies have been made available to people outside Toronto.

Listen to an Excerpt
(714kb, 1:43)
Listen to an Excerpt Track 15
"Come Along with Me"

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