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1903 Wizard of Oz CD Cover
Only $29.99

A Collection of Vintage Recordings from
Wax Cylinders, 78s, Piano Rolls,
and Music Boxes from 1902-1918

Two CD Set
Over 145 Minutes of Music
Dozens of Photos
Two 32 Page Booklets

Vintage Broadway

Vintage Recordings From
the 1903 Broadway Musical

The Wizard of Oz

Introduction, Synopsis, Lyrics,
Performance History & Recording Details!

The Woggle-Bug
The Tik-Tok Man of Oz
Montgomery and Stone
Bessie Wynn


Press Release and Publicity Photos

"Impeccably researched, illustrated and produced. A terrific job, which raises the standard bar for archival reconstruction from 78s and cylinders. The annotated booklet is superb and authoritative. For students, scholars or musical theatre enthusiasts, the CD set of 1903's The Wizard of Oz is a fascinating immersion into the lost world of musical theatre from 100 years ago. It is a 'must have' CD set."

--Richard C. Norton

"Here is a delightful collection of the sounds and nonsense of very early musical theater, made all the more fascinating and informative by the notes and photographs David Maxine has provided. Grab it!"

--Gerald Bordman

Cover of LYRIC Booklet
The Wizard of Oz, a musical with book and lyrics by L. Frank Baum and music by Paul Tietjens, premiered on June 16, 1902, at the Grand Opera House in Chicago. It was an instant hit and made stars of David Montgomery (the Tin Woodman) and Fred Stone (the Scarecrow). On January 21, 1903, the show opened at the Majestic Theatre in New York City. It ran for nine months, then set out on the road with a second company right on its heels. The show toured, came back to New York, toured, and returned to New York again many times until finally disbanding around 1911. Stock and amateur companies continued to present it into the 1930s when it was overshadowed by the classic MGM film starring Judy Garland.

The show was legendary for its success and its impact on American culture. It was the Cats or Les Mis of the early 1900s--but the show has been swallowed by history. What made audiences of the early 1900s devour the show and return for more again and again?

In this unprecedented 2-CD set - featuring over 145 minutes of vintage recordings and 64 pages of lyrics, photos, notes, and synopsis - you can discover how The Wizard of Oz entertained the American public for the first two decades of the 20th century. And like the audiences of a hundred years ago, you can hum along to "Budweiser," "Sammy," and "Hurrah for Baffin's Bay" - everyone's favorite songs from The Wizard of Oz!

Also included in this comprehensive collection are recordings from later Oz musicals, The Woggle-Bug and The Tik-Tok Man of Oz, written by Oz creator L. Frank Baum, as well as vintage non-Oz recordings by original Wizard of Oz stars Montgomery & Stone and Bessie Wynn.

"This collection . . . is an extraordinary job of archival recreation. The material, mostly recordings close to 100 years old, is extremely rare, and producer David Maxine has somehow managed to locate it, discover dates and singers, and, in superbly organized and lucid liner notes, document when each song and singer performed it in one or another edition of the show. With two 'Oz' musicals announced for Broadway next season . . . now is the perfect time for this collection of two-and-a-half hours of material from the first musical version of 'The Wizard of Oz.' "

--Ken Mandelbaum

Song titles which appear as links
will lead you to more information about a particular song
including lyrics, sheet music, and additional on-line sound files.

Disc One
Running Time 73:00

Track 1 Wizard of Oz - Selection Played by Arthur Pryor's Band
Listen to a Sample
Track 2 The Bullfrog and the Coon Sung by Ada Jones
Track 3 Pocahontas Sung by Edward M. Favor
Track 4 Daisy Donohue Sung by Harry Tally
Track 5 Down on the Brandywine Sung by Collins & Harlan Listen to a Sample
Track 6 Come Take a Skate with Me Sung by Collins & Harlan
Track 7 I Love You All the Time Sung by Harry Macdonough Listen to a Sample
Track 8 The Moon Has His Eyes on You Sung by Ada Jones
Track 9 When You Love, Love, Love Sung by Thomas E. Whitbred Listen to a Sample
Track 10 When We Get What's a-Comin' to Us Excerpt Track One Listen to a Sample
Track 11 Mister Dooley Sung by Edward M. Favor
Track 12 Julie Dooley Sung by J. W. Myers
Track 13 Meet Me Down at the Corner Sung by Ada Jones & Len Spencer
Track 14 Budweiser's a Friend of Mine Sung by Billy Murray & Hayden Quartet
Track 15 There's a Lot of Things You Never Learn at School Sung by Bob Roberts
Track 16 Under a Panama Sung by Billy Murray
Track 17 Good Bye Fedora Sung by Collins & Harlan
Track 18 Sitting Bull Sung by Collins & Harlan
Track 19 I Love Only One Girl in this Wide Wide World Sung by Harry Macdonough
Track 20 Sammy Sung by Harry Macdonough
Track 21 The Tale of a Stroll Sung by Corrine Morgan & Frank Stanley
Track 22 Can't You See I'm Lonely? Sung by Ada Jones
Track 23 Are You Sincere? Sung by Byron G. Harlan
Track 24 Hurrah for Baffin's Bay Sung by Collins & Harlan
Track 25 Football Sung by Dan W. Quinn
Track 26 I'd Like to Go Halves in That Sung by Burt Shepard
Track 27 Rejoice! - The Wizard is No Longer King Excerpt Track One
Track 28 The Traveler and the Pie Excerpt Track One
Track 29 Must You? Sung by Dan W. Quinn
Track 30 That's Where She Sits All Day Sung by Dan W. Quinn
Track 31 The Sweetest Girl in Dixie Sung by Henry Burr
Track 32 Scarecrow Laugh Performed by Fred Stone Listen to a Sample

Disc Two
Running Time 73:42

Track 1 Sammy Mira Music Box Disc
Track 2 Must You? Mira Music Box Disc Listen to a Sample
    Wizard of Oz-Selection Aeolian Piano Roll
    Track 3 Opening Prayer
    Track 4 Phantom Patrol
    Track 5 Just a Simple Girl from the Prairie
    Track 6 Poppy Song
    Track 7 Love is Love
    Track 8 When We Get What's A-Comin' to Us
    Track 9 The Traveler and the Pie
    Track 10 When You Love, Love, Love
    Track 11 Rejoice! The Wizard is No Longer King
Track 12 Phantom Patrol Aeolian Piano Roll
Track 13 My Little Maid of Oz Aeolian Piano Roll
Track 14 The Tik-Tok Man of Oz - Selection Rythmodik Piano Roll
Track 15 The Tik-Tok Man of Oz - Selection Piano Roll
Track 16 Ask the Flowers to Tell You Sung by Harry Macdonough & Marguerite Dunlap
Track 17 My Wonderful Dream Girl Sung by John Barnes Wells Listen to a Sample
Track 18 My Pretty Little Piece of Dresden China Sung by Bessie Wynn
Track 19 Gay Paree Sung by Montgomery & Stone
Track 20 Travel Travel Little Star Sung by Montgomery & Stone
Track 21 A Scotch Moriah Sung by Montgomery & Stone
Track 22 Hurrah for Baffin's Bay Sung by Dan W. Quinn
Track 23 Daisy Donohue Trombone Solo by Arthur Pryor
Track 24 Mr. Dooley - Medley Xylophone Solo Played by J. Frank Hopkins
Track 25 Down on the Brandywine - Medley Played by Edison Military Band
Track 26 The Bullfrog and the Coon - Medley Played by Six Brown Brothers
Track 27 I'll Take You Back to Italy Sung by Ada Jones & Billy Murray
Track 28 Father Goose Songs Sung by Sallie Osbourne Listen to a Sample

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