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Oz-story #3 Cover
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What's the story behind Ozma's headgear?
story by Eric Shanower
drawn by Ramona Fradon (artist of Brenda Starr, etc.)

The Wonderland of Oz
The classic 1930's comic strip
by Walt Spouse
Part One of L. Frank Baum's Ozma of Oz

Tiger's Delight
A droll adventure of the Cowardly Lion and Hungry Tiger
story by Eric Shanower
drawn by Karl Waller (artist of Motorhead)

The Little Journeys of Nip and Tuck
More of the artistically stunning 1909 comic strip
by John R. Neill
illustrator of the original Oz series

Jinnicky Jarred
The Red Jinn's run-in with a couple silly crows
by Eric Shanower

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Oz-story No. 3
Front Cover / Moebius
(Arzach, Blueberry)
Back Cover / John R. Neill

Ozma Sees Herself
Ozma and the Cowardly Lion in the Munchkin Country
by Edward Einhorn
illustrated by Eric Shanower

Spots in Oz
Read an excerpt
All the spots in Oz have disappeared
by Rachel Cosgrove Payes, fifth Royal Historian of Oz
illustrated by Eric Shanower

Buffalo Dreams
Adventures of the Wizard before he came to Oz
An award-winning story
by Jane Mailander
illustrated by David Maxine

Ellie in the Clutches of the Ogre
An excerpt from the Soviet Wizard of Oz featuring an adventure that Baum never imagined
by Alexander Volkov
illustrated by N. Radlov

The first three episodes of
Denslow's Scarecrow and Tinman
The 1904 Oz newspaper feature
written and illustrated by W. W. Denslow

King, King! Double King!
A magical yarn
by Ruth Plumly Thompson
illustrations by John R. Neill

All This and More
Including the complete 1911 Adventure Novel The Flying Girl by L. Frank Baum and newly illustrated by Eric Shanower. Orissa Kane flies her brother's newly invented airplane and is hailed by one and all as the Flying Girl

128 pages
ISBN 0-9644988-4-7

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