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Oz-story No. 4
Front Cover /
Back Cover / Eric Shanower

The Salt Sorcerer of Oz
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Kabumpo the Elegant Elephant of Oz helps his new friends
confront a strange threat atop Cork Mountain
Written and illustrated by Eric Shanower

Pajamas, the Sleepyhead Elf
An early fantasy work
by Eloise Jarvis McGraw, sixth Royal Historian of Oz
illustrated by Eric Shanower

The Tiktok with Pizazz
A story of Tiktoks and self-improvement
by Thomas Strelka
illustrated by David Maxine

Denslow's Scarecrow and Tinman
Three more episodes of the 1904 Oz newspaper feature
written and illustrated by W. W. Denslow

The Green Camel
A far eastern fable
by Ruth Plumly Thompson, second Royal Historian of Oz
illustrated by Eric Shanower

Sunday Visits
Ozma confronts Old Mombi
by Michael Pickens
illustrated by Dan Seitler

All This and More
Including the complete novel of exotic intrigue Daughters of Destiny by L. Frank Baum and newly illustrated by Eric Shanower. In the far eastern kingdom of Baluchistan, murder and mystery combine for adventure and romance.

Oz-story #4 Cover
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The Wonderland of Oz
by Walt Spouse
The classic 1930's comic strip
The Conclusion of L. Frank Baum's Ozma of Oz

The Wizard of Pumperdink
A purple polka-dot beard can be quite a curse
story by Ruth Plumly Thompson
drawn by Anna-Maria Cool

Inner thoughts of the Tin Woodman
by Peter Baker

A Valentine Tragedy
a 1905 comic
by Frederick Richardson
illustrator of Baum's Queen Zixi of Ix

128 pages
ISBN 0-9644988-7-1

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